What's New

Updates for May 2014

5/8 Posted El Mirage Rookie Orientation document to Home page and Official documents
5/15 Added V4/V4F Guide to the website under SCTA Official Documents
5/20 Chgs to website in the About Us, and Contact Us pages and the Store (Rulebook)
5/23 Posted results for El Mirage Event - May 17-18
5/27 Modified results for El Mirage Event - May 17-18 and index page for all El Mirage Events 2014
5/28 Posted pictures for El Mirage Event - May 17-18
5/30 Moved 2013 season results to Archive, added link to V4/V4F Guide to home page
5/30 Added Rulebook corrections to home page under LSR Notices
5/30 Posted Bonneville Rookie Orientation document to Home page and Official documents

Updates for June 2014

6/1 Updated the mobile site to include results from El Mirage May meet
6/1 Removed the record for Vehicle 347 from the El Mirage meet results
6/6 Updated El Mirage May 2014 records to remove the record for #76 Don Ferguson
6/19 Updated the El Mirage master records page for records set in May and June
6/19 Revised contact info for Bill Lattin
6/23 Posted impound letter by Dan Warner for the June meet at El Mirage
6/24 Posted contact info for Heather Black
6/25 Posted El Mirage June event results
6/26 Posted Speed Week 2014 pre-entries with link from home page

Updates for July 2014

7/1 Changes to the El Mirage June results, points changes and record certifications
7/2 Posted the remainder of the results for the El Mirage June meet. Line Up, Club Points, etc
7/3 Posted record file for El Mirage Nov 2013 meet
7/3 Changes to master records for El Mirage for Ed Umland #89
7/7 Update to current El Mirage records - #113B
7/9 Update to El Mirage BLM Lakebed Pass information
7/16 Posted pictures by Stewart Harnick for El Mirage June event
7/17 Update to current Bonneville records for #561B
7/21 Posted Speed Week information on home page
7/22 Updates posted for June results at El Mirage
7/30 Updates to El Mirage record list for May event - Driver name,Entry Name corrections
7/31 Changes to Speed Week major and supporting sponsors and logos

Updates for Aug 2014

8/2 Salt Update
8/3 Salt Update
8/4 Salt Update with pictures - Added the Speed Week schedule
8/6 Salt Update - Storms in the area, rain on the course

Salt Update - Waiting to see if rain recedes

8/9 Speed Week Event was cancelled due to water on the salt
8/13 Speed Week Cancellation - Final Report posted
8/19 Posted the Speed Week/World Finals entry form and Schedule
8/20 Adjusted the Schedule of Events to reflect the change from World Finals with dates

Updates for Sep 2014

9/5 Cajon Pass update on I-15 for El Mirage event
9/8 El Mirage event update - Possible cancellation due to rain
9/10 El Mirage event update - Event will happen
9/15 El Mirage event stats and Thank You from the President
9/15 Speed Week at World Finals Event Update
9/15 Remove Speed Week Cancellation Notice from home page
9/16 Correction to Speed Week at World Finals dates on home page
9/17 Posted prelimiary results from El Mirage Sep Event
9/18 World of Speed event records added to SCTA/BNI Certified Records
9/18 Changes to El Mirage Sep Event data - corrections
9/22 Changes to El Mirage Sep Event data - corrections

Updates for Oct 2014

10/1 Tim Rochlitzer obituary and changes to Sep El Mirage results and records, and WOS results
10/13 Thomas Finn obituary
10/16 Posting for Participant shirts and hats
10/17 Updates to Bonneville records
10/23 El Mirage results and stats
10/30 More El Mirage events and stats

Updates for Nov 2014

11/3 Finals results for El Mirage Oct event
11/4 El Mirage Nov event info posted on home page
11/6 Updates to Bonneville Records and El Mirage October results
11/11 Posted October El Mirage photos
11/12 Posted November El Mirage results and Dan's Impound Report
11/20 Updates to Home Page
11/24 Posted the 2015 SCTA Rule Changes document
11/25 Posted pictures for October and November El Mirage meet by Stuart Harnick and El Mirage recs
11/27 New BNI Membership form for 2015, Health & Welfare update, Points Champions for 2014